The Triad 3

DBDL isn’t a destination. It’s a journey.

It’s a unique path leading you to all-new heights that once seemed out of reach. And with Triad walking beside you, you’ll never walk that path alone. Because no matter where your journey leads, you’ll always know where to step next.

At Triad, we see you as a unique individual, not a collection of advisors or agents. That’s why we’re proud to call you a Triad Member. To commemorate your individuality and your unique DBDL voyage, we custom made these shoes with your Member number for the journey ahead.

As we walk together on our DBDL journey, we hope that these shoes will serve as a reminder of where we’re headed and the mission that guides us:

We believe in the “and” approach to life and business instead of “either/or”.

We believe that all our members deserve unlimited growth, freedom, and joy in their business and their life.

Together, we are changing an industry by building an intimate, curated community that redefines what a true partnership can mean.

We aspire to create life-changing experiences and champagne moments by challenging our Members to think differently.